why I offer more than just web design

Over the years of working with clients, building their websites I’ve found that we cover so much more than just their website. Every build has a conversation about branding. Every build has a conversation about systems. And every build, I find clients doubting themselves and their authentic voice.

Often, once a website has been completed and launched clients have come back to me needing a sounding board for their new offering or asking for guidance around systems, planning, finance management and much more.

Sometimes people come to me believing they are ready for their first website, yet don’t have a clear direction for their brand so they invest in the branding process and get clear about their business’s purpose, values and desired outcomes.

Other times clients come back because their inner critic has come for a visit and won’t leave. Clients have described the feeling of being seen, heard and held during the building of their website, they seek me out as a safe space to support them and we walk through the many challenges of life and business together.

Through these experiences I’ve found that offering each of these services on their own has become invaluable, not only to my clients but also to me.

“Tiecher’s professionalism is second to none, nothing is too much trouble. I love having a care plan so my website is always monitored and any updates are done for me. I will never use any other designer now I have Tiecher!



Custom built, device responsive, WordPress websites.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know the best way forward for you and your online home. Having a website custom built is an investment and ensuring you hire the right web designer, can either make or break the final outcome.

As a business owner and creative I understand all too well the demands of working “on” your business versus working “in” your business. Handing the reins over to a web designer should come with a feeling of ease and calm.

Finding the right web designer is about more than the right price or the right look. It’s about making sure you work well as a team and can speak openly without feeling dismissed.


Effective branding creates an emotional connection, a feeling of being seen and heard, a sense of “this place is right for me”. These emotional connections contribute to building a long-lasting relationship with your clients.

Your branding gives clients an understanding of what it feels like to work with you. What your values are and most importantly, will help filter out the people who don’t resonate, before they even pick up the phone or land in your inbox.

By capturing the essence of your business and allowing your authentic voice to shine your branding creates a memorable and meaningful experience.


Co-creating solutions that empower you to take ownership of your business’s success.

From just starting out, to being in business for what seems like forever, sometimes we need a little external perspective. My consulting services are a collaborative experience that will provide you with the tools to help you succeed and grow.

I take a holistic approach to business, and cover all aspects including operations, marketing, finance, and more. My goal is to help you build lasting relationships, including and hopefully, one with me!


Owning and running a business of any size or shape is probably one of the biggest personal development journeys you could embark upon.

As a business owner you can find yourself facing unique challenges that can impact your well-being, your relationships with family & friends and your overall quality of life.

As a life coach I cater specifically for business owners and bring years of personal experience and professional training together to support and elevate your success.

“I’ve known Tiecher for a few years now so when I needed someone to build my website and help me with the technology required to run an online business she was an obvious choice. I highly recommend her services”


Work With Me

Lets Get Creative!

I like to keep this simple. You hit “email me” and let me know what you need, what you’re struggling with or what you want to achieve. I get back to you and let you know if and how I can help, then we jump on a call, usually Zoom and see if we’re a match. No hoops to jump through just drop into my inbox.