What platform do you build on?

I build exclusively on WordPress.

Can you build my eCommerce store?

Absolutely Yes! I can build an eCommerce store of any size using WordPress & WooCommerce.

Who will manage my online store once complete?

Most of my clients manage their own stores, I will provide you with the necessary training to be able to do this. Should you require me to manage the store we can discuss costs prior to handover of your site.

What is a Domain Name & do I need one?

Yes, you need a domain name. This is the yourname@.com or .com.au address that points to your web hosting provider. I can guide & support you in setting up your domain name.

What is web hosting & do I need it?

Yes, you need web hosting. Web hosting is where your website files are stored, it’s also the location of your domain name email, if you elect to include email. I can guide & support you in setting up your web hosting & domain name email.

Do you offer payment plans?

My standard payment terms are 50% of the quoted value upfront & the remaining 50% upon completion, prior to the site going live. If there are any extras during the course of the build these will be invoiced & are payable within 7 days of being added to the scope of works.

How long will my website build take?

Every build is different, when we first connect to discuss your brief, timeline & budget I will be able to give you an estimate on how long it will take to build your website.

What do I have to provide?

You are responsible for providing all copy (the text that appears on your website) & all images in a high resolution format. I require this before I can start your project.

Why do you need my content first?

Having your content first allows me let your copy tell the story & your website to weave around it, creating a more cohesive feel. It’s also a more efficient way to build, reducing revisions & overall build time.

What if I don't have any images?

There are many online resources for obtaining stock images. However depending on your business & brand it is important that you have quality images of yourself or your products, preferably taken by a professional photographer. I can guide you on what type of images you may need.

Will I be able to make edits once it's built?

Yes, I provide basic training prior to your site going live & can provide in depth or ongoing training upon request.

Is SEO included?

Yes, basic SEO for pages, images, products & blog posts is included. You are always welcome to outsource the SEO if you prefer.

Do you offer care plans?

Yes, I provide three levels of care plans for all sites I build. They are charged monthly & you will have the option to choose a level of cover that best suits you.

What is a care plan?

Care Plans give you the peace of mind that your website is being maintained regularly. Much like a car your website needs ongoing maintenance to ensure it functions optimally.

What is a design brief?

This outlines your brand’s visual identity & overall image. It provides information about your brand values, personality, target audience & design preferences. It is there to help guide the design process & ensure that the resulting brand identity accurately represents the essence of your brand & resonates with your intended audience.

What is a style guide?

Your style guide includes all the visual elements of your brand, including logo, typography, colour palette, icons, photography & inspiration imagery. If included in your branding package it also covers elements for use on your website.

Can I make more than two revisions?

Additional revisions are available at an extra cost, we can add these in at any stage.

Why is logo design not a standard inclusion?

Most of my clients come to me with a logo already complete. I am able to produce logos if & when required & I have a Graphic Designer I contract out the more complex designs to.

I have colours & fonts I like, can I use them?

I believe in letting you guide the way, it is after all your brand. I will always provide options & offer advice around pairing colours & fonts to ensure they are appealing across all mediums.

Will I need to pay for Fonts?

I aim to use fonts that are free to use however sometimes this is not possible, in these cases you will need to purchase a licence suitable for the use intended.

Do you provide printed media?

No, all my branding inclusions are digital. You are welcome to source your own print company if required.

What files will I receive?

This is dependent on what items you include. The common file types include .pdf, .jpg & .png. There may also be some online templates that you will receive ownership of.

How is consulting different to coaching?

My consulting services are focused on your business & helping you to grow it. My coaching services are focused on you & supporting you to thrive in life while running a business.

How do I know which one I need?

When you email me with the areas you need help with, I can quickly determine if you’re better suited to one or the other & sometimes a combination of both.

How long does consulting or coaching last for?

Everything I offer is tailored to your individual needs, you can sign up for a single bootcamp session or for multiple sessions. I will guide you to what I think will provide the best outcome.

How much does consulting or coaching cost?

I don’t offer packages for either of these services. The starting price for consulting is $199 & for coaching the starting price is $249.

Is consulting or coaching a “One & Done” event?

No. Nothing in life or business is a “One & Done” event. Both will continue to evolve over time & with that the need for ongoing support can & does arise.

How do I book?

Simple! Send me an email, let me know what you need support with or what you want to achieve & I’ll get back to you within 2-3 business days.

“It seems like there is nothing Tiecher doesn’t know about technology. She is a pleasure to work with and I’d recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in the online space.”


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