life coaching for the business owner, support to help you find your version of balance

Owning and running a business can have profound impact on so many areas of your life, including well-being, relationships, and overall quality.

The challenges and responsibilities that come with being a business owner can seem almost never ending. You’ll be forced to deal with limiting beliefs, your money story and your worthiness.

You’ll also take a crash course in customer service, calendar management, bookkeeping, web design, branding, marketing, social media management… the list goes on!

Never mind learning how to juggle #allthethings! And somewhere in there YOU need to actually thrive!

With my unique approach, I will support you to understand that creating balance between personal and professional life is a constant process you need to be actively involved in.

Together we will unpack, dig up and get clear on what’s holding you back, getting in your way or causing you pain. We’ll set future focused goals and break them down into bite size palatable chunks that you’ll feel inspired to devour.

Whether you’re running a “one human, doing it all myself” type business, an “in business with my life partner” kind of mess or an “I have a team but it’s still not working” type venture, I’m here to help.

My Brand of Coaching

To be clear this is not business coaching, this is life coaching for the business owner (that’s you!) and yes they are different. This is not an “understand your metrics” or “build your mailing list” type deal, however you can get that through my Consulting Services.

Life Coaching for The Business Owner is about you. It’s time for you to be supported and guided to bring forward the very best version of yourself so that you can thrive and succeed alongside your business.

Life and business ownership intertwine in strange and unusual ways prompting us to explore the edges of our comfort zone and dare to venture out into the unknown.

When things feel big or stuck or you’re just not able to get your head above water I’ll be here, to walk with you while you create your version of life and business.


Mindset & Resilience

Presenting Your Authentic Self

Stress Management

Communication & Relationships

Goal Setting & Accountability

Time Management & Productivity

Decision Making Processes

Dealing with Overwhelm

Boundary Setting

Managing Expectations, Yours & Others

Money Story & Mindset

Self Care Practices

And so much more!

The Process


Are we a good fit? This is the single most important thing to me. Send me an email and let me know what you need, what you’re struggling with or what you want to achieve. I’ll get back to you and let you know if and how I can help, then we jump on a call.


The get to know each other Zoom call. In the coaching world this is generally referred to as a discovery call. I like to use this as a chance to understand your pain points and assess if I’m right for you. If I’m not I’ll tell you and I’ll guide you to someone who may be better suited.


You say yes (woohoo!) and we firm up a plan for how your coaching sessions will look and how many you’d like to commit to. My preference is always Zoom as seeing each other really does help. In addition to your 1:1 calls you may wish to include email support, we will tailor your sessions so you get the most value.


I send you your first invoice, once payment and all the formal stuff is out the way we dive in! Depending on how many sessions you’ve committed to a second payment will be due at the half way mark. Upon completing our sessions you have the option to continue working with me.


Unlike most coaches I do not offer packages. Instead I prefer to meet you where you’re at. Not everyone wants to lock in for 3 or 6 months, some only want ad-lib sessions and sometimes a single bootcamp session is all you need. Together we craft a coaching plan that suits you instead of me.

coaching services start at $249



Tiecher truly brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. I personally highly value her guidance and teachings. She is an amazing coach, with a warm and generous heart


Work With Me

Lets Get Creative!

I like to keep this simple. You hit “email me” and let me know what you need, what you’re struggling with or what you want to achieve. I get back to you and let you know if and how I can help, then we jump on a call, usually Zoom and see if we’re a match. No hoops to jump through just drop into my inbox.