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making sure we’re a good fit is one of the most important factors to your website success!

Welcome to the page all about me! At least that’s what you’d expect to find. People will tell you an about page should be about your customer, and how you’ll make their lives, business, product etc amazing! I agree with this, to a point.

If you’re like me you want to know who’s on the other side of the screen and if you wanted to know how I can help, you’d be on the services page.

So here’s a little piece about me and my values as your Web Designer & Business Strategist…

Your website is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your business. That’s why it’s important you and your web designer are a good fit and you feel safe to say exactly what you want, and what you don’t.

There is nothing more frustrating to me than hearing from people who’ve had a website built but hated it because the designer wanted to style it their way.

It breaks my heart when I hear about people being held to ransom and not being granted access to, or provided with the training to operate the backend of their website.

Not everyone wants to manage their own website and not everyone has the time or bandwidth to learn, but for those who do, I’m cheering you on!

“I cannot recommend Tiecher enough. The professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge I received throughout the design of my website was of the highest standard and my business has expanded and grown as a result”



If you missed it over on the home page, my name is Tiecher, “Tie like a neck tie, Cher like the singer” (I can thank my Dad for a lifetime of saying this)

Web Designer & Business Strategist at your service!

Now the actual bits about me… in addition to being a Web Designer & Business Strategist, I’m also married and together with my sparky husband we run an electrical business, which is sometimes #winning and often #omfg!!! Together we have 3 businesses (mine, his & ours… yes my head spins most days).

We also have 6 fur babies living earthside, 2 wildly entertaining doggos and 4 divinely unique horses, one of which is my Real Life Unicorn. And as most pet parents know, eventually those earthside babies fly over the rainbow. We have a few more of those now than we’d like.

I’m a self confessed nerd, I love to create new and pretty things (yes a “blokes” web site is still a pretty thing to me), I listen to podcasts and audiobooks almost non-stop and I never stop learning.

I have a background in the corporate world which saw me take on roles that include customer service, project management, contract law & administration, account management, new home construction & interior design and dealing with government departments.

I’m a Qualified Life Coach, a Manifestor in the world of Human Design, multi passionate, constantly pushing the boundaries and carving out my own way in the world, did I mention “Manifestor”?

My days are ruled by “breakfast & dinner runs” where you’ll find me in jeans & boots and either rugged up to the eye balls or trotting around (pun intended) in a tank top. My preference is the later as I am child of Summer. In between the never ending piles of horse poop and loads of hay you’ll find me in yoga pants, with a cup (or three) of coffee, planted firmly behind my PC running those 3 businesses and connecting & creating with people just like you.

My inner nerd loves analysing how things work, or don’t, deconstructing then reconstructing a problem or situation in order to find a cleaner more efficient and effective way to do things. Systems, procedures and company policies may sound mundane but without them, in my own experience, your business will soon become a chore and something you’ll avoid dealing with.

As a life coach and business owner I relate to the challenges we face trying to juggle everything and I know the value of having someone who “gets it” there to support you or simply be a sounding board. Running your own business can be isolating and when friends or family have regular day jobs, it can be hard to really feel seen and heard. Add in running a business with your life partner and boom! The need to have someone to lean on just grew exponentially.

“Tiecher is absolutely amazing, and has helped me in so many ways when it comes to my coaching business. I literally could not have successfully launched it without her!”


Work With Me

Lets Get Creative!

I like to keep this simple. You hit “email me” and let me know what you need, what you’re struggling with or what you want to achieve. I get back to you and let you know if and how I can help, then we jump on a call, usually Zoom and see if we’re a match. No hoops to jump through just drop into my inbox.